Boys are ignorant…

I just want to point out that some boys are completely uninformed. I was talking with my boyfriend one day about my past and how I have been raped. I still hate saying, seeing, or anything to do with that word, but I’m doing my best to get used to it. Survivor, not a victim, right? I’m trying.

Any who, my boyfriend and I had gotten into an argument and of course he knows which buttons to push to piss me off. One day he decided to say there is no such thing as rape since women only get ‘wet’ when they are enjoying sex and the touching involved.

Thankfully, I have a smart man and he doesn’t actually believe that, but it got me thinking; there really are people out there that believe this. Knowing this and realizing this just makes me hate and lose more faith in humanity. How can you be so stupid to think that just because our bodies reacting to stimulation it means we like it?

It has been proven that it is a basic human instinct. The woman being raped really doesn’t want to have sex. The body WILL react to the stimulation though, whether we want it to or not. It’s part of surviving as a species and making babies and all that. It’s a natural reaction. The ‘wetness’ isn’t just so the man can get his penis inside us easier, it’s to help the sperm survive on the way to the egg to fertilize it.

Rant over. I just can’t believe anyone actually believes that there’s no such thing as rape and that women always want sex…we are at men’s disposal whenever they want it and we will accommodate them with a willing body whenever they want…it makes me sick. Thoughts?


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