New-found Revelation

It’s come to my attention lately that I have a really unusual phobia. Maybe other people have this problem, too, but I’ve never heard of anyone having such a disdain for this. I know that most people find them gross, but I realized this morning a whole new level of disgust I never even knew I had.

Boogers are gross in general. I know that most people think they are gross and stay away from them, but I’ve been told many times by my boyfriend that I have an irrational disgust for them. How would I know, though? It’s normal to me so I have to take his word for it. Good thing I trust him!

Thinking and talking about boogers just makes me cringe and gag. My gag reflexes are not very sensitive so for something to make me gag…it has to bug me. I can’t stand seeing anyone pick their nose and my boyfriend likes to do it sometimes. Even if I see a booger inside someone’s nostril, I will have a hard time not gagging and I have to avoid looking at it because it’ll bug me until I know it’s gone. Except, when I tell him he has a booger hanging out of his nose, he’ll get it out and then pretend to wipe it on me.

He thinks it’s hilarious but whenever he does it I jump as far back as I can. We’re usually in the car when he does this so I can’t go far, but I bet it’s hilarious seeing me plastered against the door when he reaches his hand out to make the booger touch me, or when he pretends to wipe it on me. I have a panic attack every single time because I DO NOT want them on me at all. Or near me. Eww….

The new-found level of disgust, though? That was discovered this morning in the shower. I don’t like blowing my nose so if I can simply sniff and make it go away I will. However, once in a while if I don’t sniff right, the booger will get caught in the back of my mouth or on my tongue and I have to spit it out and then have a mini breakdown for at least 5 minutes because I HAD A BOOGER IN MY MOUTH.

Well, this morning I was in the shower and this happened to me. Instead of just spitting it out and freaking out for a few minutes, I spit it out and then vomited. I’ve never puked because of how disgusted I was by something. Not only that, I puked twice. I had to not think about it to get myself to stop dry heaving. That was so weird for me, I’m still not sure how to process it. Talking about it now makes me have to concentrate on not feeling sick about it.

Now that my rant is over I feel like I can at least let it go. I can move on with my day…what grosses you out?


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