Memory Slip

I’ve gotten into this really bad habit lately. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I take medication every day for my depression and anxiety. I sometimes have difficulty remembering to take my medication so I have an alarm set to remind me to take it every day. The problem is, later in the day I tend to forget whether I have taken my medication or not…

My alarm just went off so I can document the fact I took my medication today in case later on I wonder whether I forgot. Yesterday I thought I took it…I remember my alarm going of and thinking “it’s time to take my medication!” but I can’t – for the life of me – remember if I did or not. I don’t want to depend on documenting when I take my medication though. I feel like that’s degrading and an insult to my intelligence so I can’t seem to “lower” myself down to that level.

Probably a pride thing, but I don’t know. I have a feeling it’s partially a Dissociative Identity Disorder thing, too. I’ve been stressed lately and a lot is going on, not all bad, so I’m sure the stress is triggering some smaller episodes that I don’t notice.

Anyone else have this issue? It’s not a memory thing because I have a pretty good memory. I can remember to walk every day and count my calories every day, but I can’t remember to take my medication without an alarm set. It’s so frustrating not being able to remember whether I’ve taken it or not.


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