WordPress without the wordpress…

I’m trying to create my own website using wordpress, but I don’t want it to have the “.wordpress.com” on the end of it…how would I do that?

I’ve tried looking it up but I’m failing. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks friends!!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “WordPress without the wordpress…

  1. You would need to buy your “domain.” That means you would have to buy the right to call your blog thewackyworldofriverhayden.com or whatever is available. maybe .com is taken and you would have to use .net or something. I think it costs approx. 30.00-40.00

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      1. my email is mini2z at yahoo dot com
        I went to a workshop and learned a lot
        for me I’m trying to figure out pages
        godaddy cost me $7 for two years and are offering a discount on merging with WP

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      2. riverrei

        That sounds like a really good price. I’m getting a book published so I want to create a website as my author page but I had no idea where to start so all of this is great information. Thank you 🙂

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      3. No problem, first you might want to put it in an order this is chapter 7 start at chapter one here….. Negotiating with Cookies – Fleegle the dog has that format

        I’m off to yet another dr appointment

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