My First Broken Bone

Hey friends. Yesterday I was at my day job and was getting the mail for my department. On my walk back, the sidewalk attacked me – tried to kill me and I tripped and fell. I tried to break my fall with my left hand but it didn’t really help. I ended up breaking my ring finger. The doctor says it’s an incomplete break so I need to be careful. If I hit it hard enough or fall again I can break it completely. It’s worse than a hairline fracture because the bone is clearly broken, it just didn’t reach the other side of the bone.

With the bone broken, it’s really hard for me to do much of anything but most of all it is really difficult for me to type which makes me really sad. I won’t be able to write blogs for a while (I’m chancing this one so none of you worry about me or wonder why I haven’t posted in a while), or write any more of my novel, or do much of anything. I tried to fold some towels today and couldn’t because of how much it hurt.

I’ll still be around. I’ll be logging on every day. I won’t be able to write anything new until my hand gets better, but I’ll try to post what I have and check in with a post or two. I’m sad because I’ve gone 25 years without a broken bone – only a month longer and it would have been 26. Now that streak is broken lol.

Oh well though! I’ll be around. Wish me happy healing and what not. Keep me entertained with your wonderful blogs!!! 🙂


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