Kentucky Weekend

This weekend I was able to go down to Kentucky and visit my BFF and help her out with her horse shows. I had a great time, I’m so glad I had that opportunity. I missed home a lot too, so I was happy to be back but I can’t wait for my next trip down there, too.

There was one part that will haunt me for a while though lol. Who remembers my post about absolutely hating ticks? It’s so bad I have a legitimate phobia when it comes to ticks.

WELL! Friday morning we left for the show area and had to pack up all the horses and what not. My BFF parked her car under a tree (of course the passenger side was closest to it) and left it there while we were at the show. Later in the day I was brushing my hair out because it was really windy there and I kept getting sand in my hair. I can’t stand having knots in my hair so I tend to brush my hair a lot to keep it smooth and knot-free. Well, after I finished brushing my hair, I ran my fingers through it to see if it felt sanding or smooth. I found a bump near the hairline on my forehead just slightly to the left of the middle. I figured it was just some hay or something so I pulled it out.

GUESS WHAT IT WAS A FREAKING TICK THAT HAD GOTTEN ON MY HEAD AND DUG IT’S HEAD IN!!! It’s legs were still moving when I pulled it out. I tried squeezing it to kill it but I doubt it worked. I ended up accidentally dropping it. It was a deep brownish red color so it blended in with the floor. I didn’t find it again.

I freaked out all weekend and absentmindedly ran my fingers through the front of my hair about a million times over the weekend. I had my BFF and my boyfriend (when I got home) check to make sure the gross tick’s head wasn’t still stuck inside my scalp. I’m still checking once in a while to make sure there isn’t anything else on my head. I’m going to be paranoid and freaking out for the rest of this week now because of that bastard little tick. I made my boyfriend do a full body search when I got home to make sure there wasn’t any other ones hiding somewhere I couldn’t see.

I just thought it was strange how I just recently posted a blog about how much I hate and fear ticks and then I go for a fun weekend and end up finding a tick embedded in my scalp. Scary stuff!!! Send me some love to help ease my nerves!!! Hopefully I’ll stop freaking out and checking my head soon. I’m just glad it didn’t freak me out enough to completely ruin my weekend 🙂


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