Literary Agent…

I need one! Anyone think they can hook me up? (I’m not sure why I said ‘hook me up’ since that isn’t part of my normal conversations ever, but oh well…) I can send them the manuscript of the book that’s in the works with my publisher right now as well as many started novels I’m working on…Do any of you have an agent I can contact or what have you? I’m getting frustrated and nervous because I’m worried my publisher is going to try and rip me off…plus help with marketing would be nice. No, I have no idea if an agent would actually help with that. I just know having an agent would help me.

Thank you my lovely friends!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Literary Agent…

  1. Not sure where you live. There is a book called The Writers and Artists Yearbook. It has lists and details for agents in UK, USA etc. Tons of useful advice given as well. Very worth getting.
    This is published every year and available in bookshops and companies like Amazon. You can get an electronic version of this.Many literary agents are very busy and close their lists to new clients sometimes. Quite a few also specialise. Hope you find one. All the best. Kris.

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