I haven’t posted a blog in what feels like forever so here’s a blog post from me to you! My lovely readers and friends 🙂

It’s been really difficult for me to find time to post as of late because of how tired I’ve been all the time. In fact, yesterday I took off half way into my day at work. I got home around 1pm and slept my day away until about 7pm. I was only awake two hours before I fell back to sleep for the night. THEN, I slept until about 2pm and was only awake for about 6 hours before going back to sleep again for the night. So I’ve been awake for about 8 hours the past day and a half.

I’m not sure when I could have found time to post a blog but I feel like I should have had time for you, my dear friends!

Oh well. Here’s a post for everyone since I’ve missed you all.

I was sleepy before this sleep-fest happened and I’m still sleepy, just not nearly as much as I was beforehand.

That’s all I have for now. (Yes, that picture is me trying to stay awake at work on Tuesday before I decided to go home.)


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