I really want to write a blog but I have no idea what to say. So here’s a blog from me to you. Good morning! I hope you’re all doing well. Nothing exciting going on here besides putting a little pressure on my publisher to get a move on some things since my book is supposed to be released next month. [INSERT INTERNAL SCREAMING HERE]

Besides that I’m just trying to keep writing a bit every day. I’ve switched gears from a novel I was working on a lot and have gone back to Disappeared. I’m most just working on a chapter to insert in so that the love connection doesn’t seem so sudden and unwarranted. I hope it works out.

The only other thing I have to say is…thank God it’s not Monday anymore!


12 thoughts on “Blog

    1. riverrei

      Well I TOLD my boyfriend not to do anything but I guess he’s planning on taking me to a scary movie 🙂 (I LOVE scary movies!!!)


      1. riverrei

        Hide and Seek (but this is more of a thriller than horror), Unfriended was great, LOVE the Paranormal Activity movies…The Ouija Project was good. 😀 What about you??

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  1. I did see Unfriended also and all the Paranormal Activities as well. Unfriended was definitely different of its kind, but again a lot of jump scares. The first Paranormal Activity was unique and epic, but the following ones were ooook. I really love older horror movies for some reason lol. My favorites are the Evil Dead trilogy, Braindead, Hannibal movies, The Fly, Aliens, The Exorcist, Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chain Massacre (the original one particularly), etc. lol

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    1. riverrei

      OMG the Hannibal Movies are amazing I love those. The Exorcist is a classic 🙂 I also love The Exorcism of Emily Rose. One of my favorites also 😀 We need to see a scary movie together 🙂


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