3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1!

I’ve been challenged by the lovely Ritu to participate in the 3 day quote challenge. I’m super excited because I love quotes. I find them inspirational, motivational, and heartwarming. You can express so much in a quote and reveal a lot in a short statement.

My first quote isn’t conventional but I love it. As I’ve grown up I’ve stopped watching the cartoons that made me laugh and kept me sane in my younger years but there is one anime that has kept my attention since I’ve left college and that’s Bleach. I have no doubt that none of you will know what this is and that’s okay. You don’t need to know the show to appreciate the quote:

“I wish I could have five lives! Then I could have been born in 5 different towns and eaten five lifetime’s worth of food, and had five different careers, and…fallen in love with the same person, five times. Thank you…”

I love this quote because it speaks true of how I feel about the man I love. I wanted to do so many things but there’s only one person I could ever love. The scene is so very touching, too. If you’re interested in watching a video of the scene, here’s a link to it. It’s in Japanese with English subtitles, so be aware of that.

To conclude my first quote day challenge, here are those I challenge:

K E Garland
Life of Mon

Can’t wait to read what everyone else has to share 🙂


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