How I’m handling Life currently.

Hi friends.

Sorry I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately. Work has been super stressful. I’m a records clerk at a local college and there are normally three of us. Well, I’ve been the only one here the past couple days so I was trying to get everyone’s work done so they didn’t have a whole lot of work to come back to and get stuff done so the rest of the floor wasn’t frustrated with the lateness. I’m glad one of them is back though! So I don’t have to worry so much about that.

Unfortunately, I still have stuff to worry about on my plate. My boyfriend and I are trying to move but since we essentially live paycheck to paycheck, we can never seem to gather enough money for first month’s rent AND a security deposit. Most places don’t allow you to pay the deposit in installments around here so we’re stuck in a rut in this cramped place in a bad neighborhood. We both have bad credit so we can’t even try to get a mortgage to buy a house. We couldn’t afford it anyway. I’m hoping we can find something soon. This place is taking all of our money and it isn’t worth it.

The other thing bothering me is my book. It was supposed to be released last month but it’s been delayed because they can’t see the fact there are at least 4 paragraphs in each chapter that are not indented. The last 4 chapters have none of the paragraphs indented. I had to send them screenshots because they couldn’t see the problem yet I could on three different devices and two different eReader apps…They originally had problems with the formatting so that pushed back the release date and now this. I’m just completely frustrated. If I think about it too much I get overwhelmed. I just hope they are able to finally see what I do from the screenshots so we can finally get it out there and start helping people. I want this “waiting to be published chapter” of my life to be over and get on with it. I want to see the results of what this is going to do for others out there.

With school starting soon, I’m going to be driving a lot. I drive half an hour just to get to work every day. Now I have to drive the kids to and from school and go to work while my boyfriend works and does his school thing. I’m not looking forward to it. I like driving but I can see myself becoming overwhelmed with it all and being anxious about being late and getting all 40 hours in every week. I’m trying to stay positive though. The kids have to get to school. Someone has to do it. Might as well be me!

Besides all the stress, I’ve started another new novel. I’m trying to write something dystopian ish. It’s similar to Divergent but different also. My issue is creating names. I have the world all planned out and what I want to happen, but thinking up new names is difficult. It makes me feel like I’m a terrible writer and have absolutely no creativity in me. I’m stuck on trying to come up with a city name. I’m the type of writer that can’t keep on writing until I’ve figured out something I like, even if it’s just a placeholder for now. So I’m sitting her trying to think of something and failing. Any ideas would be more than welcome. I’m getting to frustrated with myself over it to think clearly anymore lol.

That’s all I have for now. That’s enough complaining lol. I hope your day-to-day isn’t as busy as mine so you can enjoy it and relax! Thanks for reading, friends! 🙂


2 thoughts on “How I’m handling Life currently.

    1. River Hayden

      I am! I’m excited for the long weekend. Thank you, I’m hoping to be able to relax this weekend, too. Along with some writing 😉 haha. Thank you for the thoughts though 😀

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