Still not released…

My autobiography STILL hasn’t been released yet even though I’ve been told it was going to be officially released yesterday…They have continuously pushed off the release date and now they failed to meet it yet again without telling me or giving me a reason why. If you tell a client a date for something, you should stick to it not let the date pass by without giving any heads-up to the person WAITING for it to happen.

I don’t think they realize how bad my anxiety and OCD is. Ugh.

So I’m super mad – if you couldn’t already tell. I’ve been waiting to post a blog so I could post the link and the good news but since my publisher won’t respond to my emails, I figured I should stop putting off my blog. Hopefully none of you have been waiting for the announcement (I know that Nadia is <3). I already feel really bad for waiting this long to write a post. Sigh.

Anyway. Hopefully soon. If not, I’ll be posting again about how angry my publisher makes me. Until then – ta ta!


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