My Guest Blog with Hopeful Hearts Ministry

I had the honor of writing up a guest blog that was posted on the Hopeful Hearts Ministry website!!! Here’s a link if you wanna check it out 🙂

Still looking for people to review my blog and spread the word! I may be able to get a blogger copy of my book to share for posting and such from my publisher. Just waiting for the word from him.

Who all has purchased a copy?? Do you like it?? 😀


6 thoughts on “My Guest Blog with Hopeful Hearts Ministry

  1. Wonderful guest post.
    What is a Blogger’s Copy ? Does that mean you don’t actually have a hard copy of your book? E books still confuse me. I miss paper.
    How are you doing other than waiting for some new about your book and how people like it?
    I wish I could help. I will when I can.
    Any plans for the weekend? Love and hugs.

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    1. River Hayden

      Yeah a blogger’s copy will just be a free version of the ebook I can give to bloggers so they can read and review the book for me and get the word out there. I miss paper, too. They said if we sell enough copies they will print copies though so we just need to sell a bunch haha. No pressure, I really appreciate everything you’ve done already!!! My weekend is boring right now. I’m looking forward to doing some of my own writing and relaxing. How about you??

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