Book Errors

Okay so I’ve had a serious conversation with my publisher. Apparently my autobiography was published with several small errors that should have been fixed which affected the readers opinion on the book. He assured me that they will get taken care of as soon as possible, but I’m still mad. Yeah, it’s my fault for sending my manuscript to them with errors (which is a HUGE no-no for any author), but he told me early on that they want to put out a good product to generate the most revenue…so why the hell didn’t these errors get fixed BEFORE the book was ever published??? I’m worried this is going to affect sales and reviews for my book…I KNOW it is actually because there are several bloggers with the error-filled copy that I asked to post reviews. So now I’m FREAKING OUT because I’m going to get terrible reviews for trusting my publisher. UGH.

I’m mad.


10 thoughts on “Book Errors

  1. Nadia Gerassimenko

    I understand your anger and frustration. It’s their job ultimately to make sure the final copy they intend to publish is thoroughly polished–they failed at that. You should maybe edit your copy and send it to them. Urge them to change it to this one. Either way, you must continue pressing them.

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    1. River Hayden

      Yeah I’m definitely going to. This is what he said regarding the errors: “We’re looking into the errors and I’ve already had a conversation with our lead editor to make this happen quickly.” It sounds like he’s upset but at the same time he might just be saying it to calm me down. Either way I’m not letting up easy. He was supposedly out doing several events, which is why he never responded to my previous emails. Sigh.


      1. River Hayden

        Yeah plus he sucks at responding to emails completely so I have to keep repeating myself several times before all of my questions get answered. Sigh. Definitely not going with this publisher for my next book 😦

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      2. River Hayden

        lol I’m glad! I’m not sure I’ll write another autobiography (for at least 10 years anyways), but I have about 4 books (more teen ish romance and sci-fi type) I’m working on now. Disappeared is close to being done and it might end up being 2 books. So I have a lot going on right now lol. Just gotta find an agent and/or publisher! 😛


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