Another review!!!

Not too bad! It got 4 out of 5 stars from! Here’s a link to the review:

I guess I didn’t focus enough on the help I received, but it’s difficult to talk about it when I didn’t get a whole lot lol. What do you guys think??

Btw, sorry for not posting for a while. My life has gotten pretty busy as of late. I’ve found some new hobbies and I’m participating in NaNoWriMo so that’s taking up a of time since I didn’t start until November 11th. If anyone else is on let me know! I’d love some friends on that site!

Love and miss my blogily! 🙂


The Road to Becoming a Survivor by R.R Hayden – Book Review

I’m humbled and honored for this review. I started crying it was so good to read. It’s good to know my life and work and writing is appreciated and has the chance to help others. I can’t wait to read and hear what others think!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


511sSYDvVJL._SX363_BO1,204,203,200_Firstly, I would like to thank the amazing author of this book for contacting me and sending me this book for review in exchange for an honest review. I’m sorry this took longer than I anticipated because of other things in my life that I had to get to. But on to the actual review of this book.

Firstly, I want to warn you that this book has some content that may be considered inappropriate for a younger audience. Also there is mention of self-harm, depression, and sexual assault.

I cannot say anything but good things about this book. It is really just the reality of a person’s story with struggles with depression, sexual assault and a lot more. I had to remind myself to not get caught up with the story and just accept it as any other book I would read (I read mostly fiction). After the reminder that…

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Review: The Road to Becoming a Survivor

Received another review!!! What do you guys think??? 🙂 The only thing I would comment on about the review is that the whole book, my life, is me on my “road” to becoming a survivor. I even state in the book that I’m not fully over everything and it’ll be a long time before I can consider myself completely healed, but my autobiography maps out how I’m working my way to becoming a survivor.

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The Road to Becoming a Survivor“At 25 years old, River Hayden has experienced the low’s of life that few will ever see. A casualty of her family’s circumstances, of past boyfriends, of the hand that the universe dealt her, this auto-biography is Hayden’s chance at seeing her days as a victim end. Follow her story and how she was able to overcome her past, to pick up the pieces and find the life she has always wanted.

As part of our commitment to our readers, we should note that this story does contain content regarding sexual assault, abuse, drugs, and addiction. Trigger warnings apply.”

Review: Reading an autobiography is often a completely different experience than reading a biography or a fictional book meant to be a portrayal of someone’s life. It is rawer, more truthful and often more moving than any other type of book on the market. River Hayden managed to be strong enough…

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