Review: The Road to Becoming a Survivor

I think this might be the best Christmas present I could have hoped for this year. Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing review!!! ❤

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At 25 years old, River Hayden has experienced the low’s of life that few will ever see. A casualty of her family’s circumstances, of past boyfriends, of the hand that the universe dealt her, this auto-biography is Hayden’s chance at seeing her days as a victim end. Follow her story and how she was able to overcome her past, to pick up the pieces and find the life she has always wanted.

As part of our commitment to our readers, we should note that this story does contain content regarding sexual assault, abuse, drugs, and addiction. Trigger warnings apply.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Road to Becoming a Survivor by River Hayden is a must read for all. This nonfictional piece is told in first person by the author, herself. I found it interesting from the first sentence and soon, I was led to the last page…

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