So I finally heard back from the literary agent about my book. Her words were “I liked the premise of your book. Mind if I share it with another agent I work with and get their take?” I’m glad that she liked the premise…but is it a good or bad thing she needs a friend to read my manuscript as well? I’m too new at this to understand what’s going on…

Anyways, TGIF!!! Hope everyone has a great day 🙂


Book Review – Aussie Migrant Finance Book

Full Title: Aussie Migrant: Money; The Essential Migrant’s Guide to Mastering Finances in Australia (The Migrant Ninja Series)

Rated: 5 out of 5 stars

Review: This is a wonderful book. It was extremely informative. I learned a lot even as an American reader about the way Australian banks work. No matter how much you know about moving to Australia and getting your bearings, this book is a great help to anyone. I had a better understanding of everything I would need if I ever wanted to move out of the country, which I’ve thought about more than once. This book gave me the urge to travel around the world and live in interesting places. The great part is I would know exactly what I need to do if I were to move to Australia, thanks to this book.

The author did an amazing job putting his voice into the book. There is humor written within each chapter and does wonderful work keeping the content lively and interesting. Everything touched within the pages is relatable so understanding what is being described is easy. I definitely suggest this book to anyone planning to move to Australia in the future, near or far.

Book Review – Driving Grandpa

Synopsis: What do you get when you combine a hard-nosed WWII vet, a crazy stray dog, a pickup, and a string of foreclosed houses? The answer is a story that will playfully slam your nose against the proverbial passenger-side window at every unexpected turn. In this fictionalized memoir, author John Redstand takes readers on a rollicking tour of the last few months of his grandfather’s life. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss.

A contract worker hired to clean out abandoned properties during the housing market crash of 2008, the narrator happily adopts double duty as chauffeur for Grandpa, who (despite his ornery protestations) is not allowed to drive anymore. These two simple tasks collide in a perfect storm of one humorous calamity after another.

Woven between the daily adventures of cleaning up supposedly vacant foreclosures, attempting to renew Grandpa’s license, and pursuing a decades gone by female counterpart, are Grandpa’s amusing and often absurd stories of World War II. An airplane mechanic stationed in Australia and the Pacific during the war, Grandpa fills their commutes with tales of stranded submarines, earthquake bombs, run-ins with Australian wildlife, and a disagreeable commanding officer.

Behind the story’s humor breathes a warm and touching ode to family, patriotism, and the Greatest Generation. Not so much of an elegy as an attempt to see the world through Grandpa’s peculiar and remarkable eyes, Driving Grandpa offers an amusing and endearing slice of life that is sure to bring a smile.

Rated: 3 out of 5 stars

Review: This fictional memoir is exactly what sounds like. It is a story about a man driving around his grandfather to abandoned houses while he listens to World War II stories – almost all of which he’s heard before. The author is a wonderful writer. It’s clear he has skills while reading through, but I’m not sure this fictional memoir accurately flatters his talent as an author. The book was a little boring. I had to force myself to keep reading it.

A memoir is defined as “a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources” but I’m not really sure that’s what this story is. It’s almost as if it’s trying to be a novel but doesn’t really have a plotline to keep the reader’s interest. It’s just a recounting of the last days before the grandfather’s death.

I’m not a huge fan of hearing stories from World War II, but for anyone who does enjoy them this would be a wonderful story for them. The characters are very well developed and they have a very endearing relationship. Rather than a fictional memoir, this could have been a lovely and interesting novel if there was a little more excitement put into the story.

Scheduling posts

So I’m still new to blogging but I figured out how to schedule blog posts. I feel so cool now lol. I have four posts for my creative blog scheduled so I don’t have to think about posting anything. I’m liking this feature. I might have to use it more often lol. Yes I have my stupid moments 😛 I hope everyone is well.

Other updates? I don’t have much. I finished another book (my third so far) and I’ve been continuing Disappeared so I can finally finish that. I’ve also started the third book in the Waiting series (the new one I’ve been posting), but not very far along since I need to hash out details for the outline. Plus I really want to get Disappeared done, finally. It’s been pushed off long enough.

My autobiography still has only sold two copies as far as I know. Makes me sad but we’ll see. I’m going to look around for an agent and ask him/her what to do about it. The publishing company didn’t even start marketing my book until it had been officially published for a couple months, which is a red flag for me. We’ll see though. I still need to hear from this agent about my other book so I don’t know.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for sticking with me everyone! Love you, my blogily!!! 🙂

One of the best feelings in the world

For me anyway. I’m not sure about anyone else, but one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever felt is finishing a book. Maybe it’s because this is only the third novel I’ve ever completed but who knows. Either way I’m super proud of myself for finishing my novel last night. I just hope it doesn’t go away any time soon! 🙂