Scheduling posts

So I’m still new to blogging but I figured out how to schedule blog posts. I feel so cool now lol. I have four posts for my creative blog scheduled so I don’t have to think about posting anything. I’m liking this feature. I might have to use it more often lol. Yes I have my stupid moments 😛 I hope everyone is well.

Other updates? I don’t have much. I finished another book (my third so far) and I’ve been continuing Disappeared so I can finally finish that. I’ve also started the third book in the Waiting series (the new one I’ve been posting), but not very far along since I need to hash out details for the outline. Plus I really want to get Disappeared done, finally. It’s been pushed off long enough.

My autobiography still has only sold two copies as far as I know. Makes me sad but we’ll see. I’m going to look around for an agent and ask him/her what to do about it. The publishing company didn’t even start marketing my book until it had been officially published for a couple months, which is a red flag for me. We’ll see though. I still need to hear from this agent about my other book so I don’t know.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for sticking with me everyone! Love you, my blogily!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Scheduling posts

      1. River Hayden

        I went with a relatively unknown publisher, and used a pen name so I didn’t have a whole lot to work with. My family doesn’t know cuz they would be pissed about some of the stuff I shared in my book. SO I was kinda screwed from the start lol. I have a feeling your book will have much more success 🙂


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