Book Review – Aussie Migrant Finance Book

Full Title: Aussie Migrant: Money; The Essential Migrant’s Guide to Mastering Finances in Australia (The Migrant Ninja Series)

Rated: 5 out of 5 stars

Review: This is a wonderful book. It was extremely informative. I learned a lot even as an American reader about the way Australian banks work. No matter how much you know about moving to Australia and getting your bearings, this book is a great help to anyone. I had a better understanding of everything I would need if I ever wanted to move out of the country, which I’ve thought about more than once. This book gave me the urge to travel around the world and live in interesting places. The great part is I would know exactly what I need to do if I were to move to Australia, thanks to this book.

The author did an amazing job putting his voice into the book. There is humor written within each chapter and does wonderful work keeping the content lively and interesting. Everything touched within the pages is relatable so understanding what is being described is easy. I definitely suggest this book to anyone planning to move to Australia in the future, near or far.


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