New review!!! (IT’S AMAZING)

Here’s what she said about my book:

“What a strong woman to put this book out there for all to read!  I admire her for not letting it get the best of her and to keep moving forward. As I read, a lot of what she said rang true with me too. Not the abuse, but some of the personality attributes. I am very withdrawn and keep to myself, I don’t think I ever had a best friend. She is definitely a survivor, as am I. Some of the things she writes about I can see now through her eyes what I was actually going through. It sounds to me like she is a very forgiving person and had some great friends who were there for her. I wish I had had someone like that when I was going through my lowest point. But you know what “WE” are survivors!  It was very revealing and I could understand what she went through so I could see how just knowing that someone else could survive as well as she has at such a young age, then there is hope for us all. This book could help a lot of women see that they are not alone, there is hope and help out there if you want to grab ahold of it and say “I am no ones victim anymore!” I know she does not know me but, I have to tell her I am so proud of you!”

I’m tearing up!!! It feels so good knowing there are people out there that enjoy my book and could relate. I hope there are many more reviews like this to come. This made my day (along with Sarah’s wonderful comment! Shout out to you, dear friend!)!!!!!

If you would like to see the reviewer’s original post, here’s a link:


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